Inside the Pages of my Sketchbook

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Welcome to Inside the Pages of my Sketchbook…




Consistent Release |Micron pen |Internal Reflection |9in x 12in

In this piece, I wanted to focus on black women in particular. As black women we’re often described as “strong” and “always holding it together”. But what if we unleash the flood gates and release all that we are holding; happiness, fear, sadness, pain, regret, remorse, pint up aggression, softness, and joy? What would the affect be on ourselves and our environment.




The Judge, The Victim, The Masses Pencil, Micron Pen |Self | 14in x 17in

The inspiration for this piece came from reading “The Four Agreements”. There was a passage that spoke about the different perspectives that we live through, sometimes separately or simultaneously. I wanted to show how as individuals we feed into each role; the judge, the victim and the masses, within ourselves and as a society. I wanted each figure to be standalone, to show that each individual is capable of taking on each role.





The Intimacy of Sisterhood|Sketch Paper, Pencil, Color-Pencil, Tombow Brush P

en, Micron Pen | Sisterhood | 14in x 17in

The inspiration for this piece came from the female friendships I have formed over the years, how our relationships provide nourishment in our ever continuation of growth as individuals and the different levels of intimacy one experiences in a sisterhood.





Result of Extinction|Newsprint Paper, Pencil, Faber-Castell Pen|Abstract| 18in x 24in


Forms of Validation
Forms of Validation|Newsprint, Pencil, Micron Pen|18in x 24in


Dwelling In Self-tragedy|Newsprint, Pencil, Micron Pen|18in x 24in


In Fear & Doubt We Trust|Newsprint, Pencil, Faber-Castell Pen|18in x 24in


Blending In…|Newsprint, pencil, Micron Pen | 18in x 24in

In today’s society, we’re taught to blend in and to not rock the boat. But it’s trending now to stand out and to be unique, not because one wants to be but because there’s a social pressure to do so. So are we just trying to be unique and individual to blend in or is it because that’s what we want to do?











Are We Really Listening?|Newsprint, pencil, Micron Pen|18in x 24in




Unbeknownst to her…|Micron Pen| Pencil| Brush Pens| 9in x 12in | 10.17.18

Even in times when we are overwhelmed, there are endless opportunities and possibilities all around us, that we don’t even recognize.









Series of Contemplation|Newsprint, Charcoal, Photoshop|18in x 24in

Experimenting with texture and digital art








In Suspension|India Black Ink, Micron Pen|Perspective|12in x 9in







Detaching from the Collective Consciousness|Artagain, White Colored Pencil|9in x 12in
Whose gaze are you under?|Recycled Sketch Paper, Pencil, Micron Pen, Tombow Brush Pens| 9in x 12in
Essence|Recycled Sketch Paper, Micron Pen, Pencil, Tombow Brush Pens|9in x 12in
Draining Thoughts|Recycled Sketch Paper, Pencil, Micron Pen, Tombow Brush Pens|9in x 12in